A chance to win

We recently stayed a night at InterContinental Monterey. The best part was waking up before dawn and heading downstairs with my binoculars and camera to watch the sun rise, with otters, seals, sea lions, a dolphin, and lots of birds all having their breakfast right there in front of us. The rooms were nice, with a big couch that made it feasible for all five of us to fit in the same room.

After our stay, I got an email from IHG, “Tell Us What You Think For a Chance to Win 25,000 IHG® Rewards Club Points.” They want me to fill out a survey, taking up to ten minutes, for “a chance to win 25,000 IHG Rewards Club Points.” That just doesn’t work with me. A chance? What odds? “94 Grand Prizes of $125 USD available to be won,” so the odds can’t be great, and I definitely won’t be reading the SweepstakesRules to figure it out.

Offering a smaller points reward in return for taking the survey is much more likely to appeal to me.

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