Oh Comcast…

Have now passed 24 hours of being unable to reach IMAP and SMTP, both via SSL, at my hosting provider (dreamhost), from my home internet connection, Comcast XFinity.

At least the rep from Comcast was honest about not being able to help?

I called their “Comcast Security Assurance” line as Gemma suggested, but the guy I spoke to there didn’t understand the distinction between me trying to use Comcast IMAP service, which I’m not, and trying to reach MY IMAP service from their network. CSA forwarded me to the IMAP service team, 888-517-5296 and help@sv.comcast.com, who passed the buck along to what seems like a general support line, 888-739-1379. I was on hold for twenty minutes at this one, followed by a ten-minute conversation which ended in the customer support rep telling me that Comcast Internet service does not allow/support connections on all services and ports. When I asked which specifically they DID allow, she said she would email me a list, and hung up on me.

CHAT ID: redacted
Problem: Inbound IMAP connectivity to my Internet hosting provider via SSL, port 993, is not available, the connection times out.%0A%0AOutbound SMTP/SSL connectivity to my Internet hosting provider, port 587, is not available, the connection times out
Gemma > Hello FRANK_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Gemma. Please give me one moment to review your information.
Gemma > Glad to have you on chat.
Gemma > I understand that you’re having problem with your email, correct?
FRANK_ > Thanks. I am able to reach my hosting provider IMAP & SMTP SSL ports from other locations outside the comcast network.
FRANK_ > The hosting provider is dreamhost. The symptoms suggest to me that one of Dreamhost or Comcast are blocking connections. I am able to ssh from my comcast internet to my dreamhost domain, fhmiv.net
Gemma > Thank you for that information
Gemma > To set your proper expectations, this is already beyond our scope and you need to contact our Comcast Security Assurance (CSA) on this number: 1-888-565-4329 from 6:00am – 2:00am ET Daily.
Gemma > But before you do that, let me send you a link for the email configurations first.
Gemma > Can I have your contact email pelase
FRANK_ > redacted@fhmiv.net
Gemma > Thank you.
Gemma > Mail has been submitted.
Gemma > Just follow the configuration settings on the link I sent to you.
Gemma > If it won’t work, please contact the number I posted.
Gemma > Thank you.
FRANK_ > Will do, thank you for your assistance.

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