Evans loses its best salsa

Moe always says he knows burritos, but let me tell you, his salsa his from a can and it SUCKS! Until a few weeks ago, I didn’t care much about Moe’s salsa. I’d been to the Mullin’s Crossing location a couple of times since it opened, just to check it out, and one time I went because my cousin was in town and she likes it, but I didn’t mind their crappy salsa because I knew where to get better, and if it was any closer to my office it would’ve been next door. Sadly, Barberito’s, which has fantastic, fresh salsa every day, closed their Evans location a couple of weeks ago. One Tuesday I met Andrea and the kids there for lunch, and we just stood in front of the empty restaurant shaking the locked doors and asking, “Why?”

I think it boiled down to location. Moe’s usually has a decent crowd at lunch, but it’s a bit more centrally located. There aren’t really any businesses west of the old Barberito’s location along Washington Road, so it feels farther away than it really was.

Now if I want a burrito with good salsa, I have to drive all the way to the location at the Exchange, an unappealing idea during the weekday lunch rush. I suppose I could make the salsa myself and take it in to Moe’s, or I could just learn to roll a burrito myself.

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