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A Pitfall of Home Espresso-making

Sometimes, when the unconscious attention to small details necessary to make a good espresso becomes conscious, the whole process seems ridiculous: This morning I fired up the Gaggia MDF espresso grinder to make my morning cup and watched bleary-eyed as … Continue reading

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Cocoa Bindings

Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster pointed out that the challenge from Chapter 4 of Aaron Hillegas’ book “Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X” can be easily solved by using Cocoa Bindings, rather than using the more typical target/action approach. When … Continue reading

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Cynicism on Pro Cycling

So, now that Vinokourov has won the 2006 Vuelta a España, how long till we find out he’s been doping?

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Riding with a toddler

Here’s what’s involved in a 14-mile bike ride with Elizabeth, a two-year-old. This is why I prefer riding from home if possible: •Pump up tires of bicycle and trailer •Replace rear skewer of bicycle wheel with skewer and trailer mount … Continue reading

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Problems with Cocoa Core Data ‘Core Recipes’ Example

I’m working on a couple of applications using Cocoa and Core Data. I’m familiar enough with the KVO, KVC, and things like NSArrayController to write the app without Core Data, but it’s such a cool tool and I figured the … Continue reading

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