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Tour de France Saturday through Wednesday

The DirectTV with Tivo will be installed on Wednesday. How can I face watching four or five days of the Tour de France on live TV? Did I mention that race was our original reason for purchasing a Tivo? Maybe … Continue reading

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Tivo remote bites the dust

Our series 1 Tivo has exhibited a potentially fatal flaw. Since the weekend, the tivo has stopped responding to commands from the remote control. Reboots don’t help. Resetting the remote control according to the instructions in the Tivo forums doesn’t … Continue reading

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Writing versus blogging

John Gruber wrote some suggestions that he called “Writing for Google” in his blog, Daring Fireball. The suggestions are so far removed from the typical “hacking google” articles I’ve seen that I think they’re really general writing tips. I can … Continue reading

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Working around Tiger IMAP Mail Problems

I finally figured out how to get 2.0 working well in Tiger. It should have been obvious to me, but it took me trying to live with both Thunderbird and Entourage for my mail. If you don’t already know … Continue reading

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Informal swimming economics

Every year in the early Spring, we get a notice to pay the dues for our neighborhood’s Homeowners Association. Last year, they took a vote to try to roll membership to the pool in to the annual dues, but thankfully … Continue reading

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