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Drained batteries

This week, on the coldest and dampest day possible without it actually snowing, Andrea discovered it takes only about half an hour to drain her car’s battery when she sits with the engine off but the radio and apparently the … Continue reading

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This is your baby on sugar

Lesson learned: our seventeen pound, eight month old baby can spaz out and blow drool bubbles for two hours on one gram of refined sugar* * Gerber Finger Foods Fruit Puffs, serving size 80 pieces, 1g sugars/serving

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

We’ve tried a couple of Irish recipes this week, starting with with a slow-cooked Corned Beef Cabbage and moving on to the real star, corned beef hash with poached eggs. Neither belong in the “Healthy Living” section, but they were … Continue reading

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Subversion on Mac OS X Server 10.3

Reading the product literature, you’d think this would be easy, but there are actually a number of questions I’ve been unable to answer without just trying it. There are some helpful webpages, especially Fred Sanchez, but I get the feeling … Continue reading

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Xocolatl revisited

Last night, we made truffles using the Cook’s Illustrated recipe. It’s from an older issue and I’d been skipping over it for years, always assuming it would be a bit too involved for me. I don’t shy away from cooking … Continue reading

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